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Welcome to This is my personal website to experiment, blog, and do projects with, which will hopefully motivate me to be more productive. When I get around to adding content I would like to blog about various topics that I have recently read about, things I am thinking, or have otherwise found a recent interest in.  The point of the website is for me to write what I am working on, as writing out my thoughts often helps me to retain them better. Since I am a computer science major that will be the main focus of the website, whether writing about content management systems, web servers, operating systems, or whatever else. I am by no means an expert on any subject on this site, so there may be errors in my writings - feel free to point them out to me if you see them. My frame of reference for some things I read about may be skewed if I am just learning about a subject or misinterpret it, but as soon as an error is realized it will be fixed.

I have been wanting to make a website over the years since I found out how easy it actually was to make one. Last year I got around to buying the domain,, and using some shoddy hosting, and this year I upgraded the hosting to a provider that is not-as-shoddy. With the updates I decided to actually make the site look a little better, and it currently looks a lot better that it did initially when I was just hand writing static HTML pages. Since I am actually paying for the site now I will try to add content more regularly, so check back again sometime and see what is new.

Recent Blog Articles

  • Spring 2014 classes started

    I have been meaning to work on the site a bit more, but since school started last week I have been pretty busy. After this week I should have my schedule worked out well enough so that I have some more free time, or I am not sleeping during it as I frequently am. Currently it is snowing outside, and has been for the past day, so we probably have 6-8 inches of snow on campus... if it continues to do so hopefully there will be some missed classes tomorrow, that does not happen too often here.

    in Miscellaneous
  • First Blog Post!

    I'm going to keep this first blog post pretty short mainly because I really don't know what to write about, and I am going to write more about the creation of the website for the first project.

    I finally created a website that is, at least what I consider, half decent, so I might as well start generating content for it. I'm currently putting off studying for finals and watching White House Down which turns out to be a pretty good movie, but it would be more interesting if they focused on Skip Tyler more....

    in Site Management
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